Team and advisors

    We are very proud of our competent advisory board with diverse experience from both SMEs and enterprises as well as the public sector.

    Heartspace AI

    Our advisors:

    Samuel A Lakén
    PR & Press Manager, Soltech Energy Sweden AB. Deep PR industry experience.

    Sara Plesnar Dennås
    CEO, Corporate apartments Sweden AB. Previously at Swedish Government office

    Azita Shariati
    Senior Executive with 27 years of international experience.

    Behnosh Esni
    Expert in platform and tech-leadership. Former Agile Coach Lead with seven years at Spotify

    Our team

    Nirvana is a leader and business building entrepreneur that started out as a photographer with photo exibitions touring museums across Sweden. She now is a central part of what makes Heartspace everyday operations run.
    Nirvana Gharni
    @Founder, CMO and Co-CEO
    Sohrab is the former regional director for the Swedish Federation of Business Owners and president of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. He has deep knowledge and understanding about generative AI and its technical and ethical implications.
    Sohrab Fadai
    @Founder, CTO and Co-CEO
    Andreas Janland is a full-stack developer and a digital designer.Andreas has done great work for some of Swedens finest ad agencies on digital projects of all shapes and sizes and is responsible for the development of the user experience in our product.
    Andreas Janland
    @Full-stack developer
    Who we are

    About Heartspace

    Heartspace is an AI-powered PR-platform dedicated to fostering a nurturing and positive media climate that values empathy, understanding, and constructive dialogue. Our mission is to empower and amplify the voices of those who strive to positively impact our world, helping them reach the hearts and minds of a global audience.

    Heartspace Manifesto

    A Manifesto for Humanity's Reconnection with the World We Are a Part Of

    "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."
    the poet Rumi once said.

    Division, hopelessness, and oversimplification damage our ability to talk with, understand and learn from each other. We often appear more focused on tearing each other down rather than seeking to understand our shared humanity. This polarization weakens democracy and stalls progress in finding constructive solutions and creating a sustainable future.

    In the noise of everyday conversation, where loud voices threaten to drown out the reason, we need that nurturing rain that Rumi was talking about more than ever.

    Heartspace was born to foster a "rainier" media climate and public conversation.

    Through our AI-powered platform, we aim to empower and amplify the voices of those who can drive positive change and improve our world. Together, we can cultivate a media climate that values nuance, embraces solution-oriented thinking, and celebrates positivity.

    By helping people understand each other and work together, we can reconnect with each other and our world. By finding common ground, especially in disagreement, we can deepen our shared knowledge and make intelligent, compassionate choices to build a bright and stable future for everyone.

    Empathy, active listening, and mutual respect can create a space for productive conversation and new ways to solve problems.

    We have seen a future where this is possible. And we know that we can create that future together. Maybe not until recently. But we can now. And we will.

    Let's unite in our quest for a more compassionate and understanding world where the power of constructive dialogue drives positive change.

    Join us in shaping the future with Heartspace AI.

    Towards our common future with love,

    The Team of Heartspace

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    Our workplace

    We are located at the Swedish Impact tech-hub Norrsken where we are part of a vibrant community of impact companies.


    Join the Heartspace revolution.

    Contribute to a more constructive media climate with the power of AI.