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    Driven by expertise in storytelling, and digital communication and equipped with custom developed AI-tools, our team is dedicated to help you get your story crafted in both an authentic, caring, and effective way. We believe in the power of stories to inspire, engage, and drive change.

    Heartspace AI

    Our team

    Sohrab has two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and has served as the former regional director for the Swedish Federation of Business Owners and president of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. He is a certified online learner within full-stack development and ML-ops. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric, Media, and Communication from Uppsala University and has written and published three books. Sohrab is responsible for machine learning and AI on our platform and is the one who has been able to develop and implement our custom solutions, leading to earned media coverage in world-renowned publications that reach millions of readers.
    Sohrab Fadai, Founder, CTO and Co-CEO
    @Heartspace Core-Team
    Nirvana is a strong leader and experienced entrepreneur with five years of experience at a leading business incubator. She is also a skilled photographer with exhibitions at renowned museums. Nirvana is responsible for our marketing strategies, video production, and photography for our site, publications, and on behalf of our clients. Nirvana has also built a coaching platform on social media for female entrepreneurs, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs go from ideas to successful businesses. She is a driven, determined change-maker and skilled communicator with an engineering degree from Azad University.
    Nirvana Gharni, Founder, CMO and Co-CEO
    @Heartspace Core-Team
    Andreas Janland is a full-stack developer and a digital designer with over a decade of experience, mainly within the communication industry. Andreas has done great work for some of Sweden’s finest ad agencies on digital projects of all shapes and sizes. He is mainly responsible for developing the user experience and designing our product but is comfortable working on all parts of the stack. Andreas has studied interactive communication at Berghs School of Communication and understands our users’ technical aspects and real-world needs of our industry and vertical.
    Andreas Janland, full-stack developer
    @Heartspace Core-Team
    Deeped is a well-renowned expert on making social media work for businesses and organizations in PR and marketing. With knowledge and passion for how AI can be used for effective digital PR and social media communication, he is Heartspace partner in strategic digital PR.
    Deeped Niclas Strandh, Digital PR and social media expert
    @Heartspace Experts
    Mattias has a rich background from renowned outlets such as Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, and TT. He freelances for Heartspace on a regular basis since 2022.
    Mattias Areskog, PR expert and journalist
    @Heartspace Experts
    Jenny is an ace at producing and scrutinizing texts. She is one of the regular language reviewers on several of Heartspace's projects and is exceptionally meticulous, with a keen eye for details. She has freelanced for Heartspace on a recurring basis since 2021.
    Jenny asp, Copywriter and proofreader
    @Heartspace Experts
    Samuel has deep PR industry experience and serves as a member of our Advisory board since 2023. He currently works as a PR & Press Manager at a publicly noted Solar Energy company.
    Samuel A Lakén, PR & Press Manager, Soltech Energy Sweden AB.
    @Heartspace Advisory Board
    Sara is the CEO of corporate apartments Sweden AB. She has experience from the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Swede and serves on our board of advisors since 2023.
    Sara Plesnar Dennås, CEO of corporate apartments Sweden AB.
    @Heartspace Advisory Board
    Azita Shariati is an experience business leader and former CEO of Sodexo and AniCura. She serves as an Advisory Board member of Heartspace, and holder of titles such as "The most powerful woman in business" and "Sweden's best boss", and also acts as an ambassador for Operation Smile Sweden.
    Azita Shariati
    @Heartspace Advisory Board
    Behnosh is an expert in platform and tech-leadership and serves as a member of our Advisory Board. She has seven years of experience coaching tech team leaders as an agile coach lead at Spotify.
    Behnosh Esni
    @Heartspace Advisory Board

    How is Heartspace organized?

    Heartspace has a small core-team that are experts in both technology and communications. We then hire freelancers that we match with our clients' projects, and each project gets a tailor-made team. All freelancers are highly qualified experts in their fields, and some of these are presented below.

    Advantages of our organization:

    By working with freelance experts, we can offer specialized competence tailored to each project. By providing a digital platform the freelancers can work seamlessly with the clients and the clients do not need to manage the team, it's all done by our project leaders and advanced automation-tools.

    The scalability of our operations with low over-head costs allows us to easily decline projects that we are not passionate about. In its first year of operation, Heartspace has turned down over one and a half million in agency revenues. We only want to work with projects that make the biggest possible positive difference to society. We do not work for fossile fuels, weapons or drugs and we say no to brand washing campaigns or when we see that words like "sustainability" and "impact" are used solely for marketing purposes.

    Do you also want to work with an PR provider that makes a difference and where you choose your projects based on what you are passionate about? Get in touch!

    Our Story

    Why choose Heartspace?

    Heartspace recognized an existing void: valuable narratives were being drowned out by irrelevant chatter. Our objective is to elevate your stories, providing them the recognition they merit. We integrate artificial intelligence advancements with human inventiveness, making certain that your voice becomes a standout note rather than a mere echo lost in the abyss.

    If you are running a small organisation with limited resources you can use the same tools as our experts use for free or at a low monthly cost. If you are running an impact company with funding or revenue you can get access to quality PR-expertise through our network of AI-augmented human experts at a fraction of the cost in time and money as traditional PR-firms will charge.

    The only thing we have in common with most PR firms is that we create publicity. But we do it without high overhead-costs that induces high retainers. We only work for projects we truly believe in. We do not believe in PR being about changing perceptions and gaining attention. We believe it to be what it stands for: building strong relations with stakeholders. And good relations that hold the test of time are always based on authentic, caring and effective communication.

    Driven by expertise in storytelling, and digital communication and equipped with custom developed and cutting edge AI-tools, our team is dedicated to help you get your story crafted in both an authentic, caring and effective way. We believe in the power of stories to inspire, engage, and drive change.

    We envision an entirely transformed media environment. Our aspiration is for less polarization and more constructive dialogue; depth in place of superficiality; inspiration over fear. It's not just about dreaming though - it's about creating this new reality together with you.

    Our vision and manifesto

    We envision a world where turning on the news incites hope and inspires positive action.

    "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."
    the poet Rumi once said.

    Division, hopelessness, and oversimplification damage our ability to talk with, understand and learn from each other. We often appear more focused on tearing each other down rather than seeking to understand our shared humanity. This polarization weakens democracy and stalls progress in finding constructive solutions and creating a sustainable future.

    In the noise of everyday conversation, where loud voices threaten to drown out the reason, we need that nurturing rain that Rumi was talking about more than ever.

    Heartspace was born to foster a "rainier" media climate and public conversation.

    Through our AI-powered platform, we aim to empower and amplify the voices of those who can drive positive change and improve our world. Together, we can cultivate a media climate that values nuance, embraces solution-oriented thinking, and celebrates positivity.

    By helping people understand each other and work together, we can reconnect with each other and our world. By finding common ground, especially in disagreement, we can deepen our shared knowledge and make intelligent, compassionate choices to build a bright and stable future for everyone.

    Empathy, active listening, and mutual respect can create a space for productive conversation and new ways to solve problems.

    We have seen a future where this is possible. And we know that we can create that future together. Maybe not until recently. But we can now. And we will.

    Let's unite in our quest for a more compassionate and understanding world where the power of constructive dialogue drives positive change.

    Join us in shaping the future with Heartspace AI.

    From the future with love,

    The Team of Heartspace

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    If you do not want to use contact forms or chat-bots (we get it) you can reach out to Sohrab directly: You can reach Sohrab by calling or texting +46761-87 55 11 (mobile or WhatsApp) or emailing him directly: [email protected]. Still like forms? Well you have one below that works as well.

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    We are located at the Swedish Impact tech-hub Norrsken where we are part of a vibrant community of impact companies.


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