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    NirvanaAI learns where you get your most vital information, then writes high-quality content perfect for your blog, newsroom, or LinkedIn profile so that you can boost your online presence without the hassle.

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    ”Nirvana AI allows us at Kattalo to manage our content efficiently. We can mix updates about product launches and events with relevant industry news, maintaining a steady flow of engaging and credible information for our community."
    Per Clingweld, Strategic Growth Leader
    "Heartspace has helped us in a very dedicated, structured, and professional manner. We have received well-considered advice and high-quality deliveries. By using Heartspace AI tools for customized versions and smart mailings, we got published in nearly sixty publications in just one single activity.”
    Jessica Löfström, Chair of the board,
    @Ansvar Säkerhet
    "Heartspace has, in an attentive and confidence-inspiring manner, helped us at Björn Lundén to find our way of conducting advocacy work. The network that Heartspace has at its disposal has also proved to be the deciding factor for us to penetrate the noise and get our message across."
    Jörgen Höglund, Sustainability Manager,
    @Björn Lundén AB

    Put your research and writing on autopilot

    Nirvana AI always references her sources, never plagiarizes, and writes clearly like a journalist without the fluffy corporate nonsense of other AI tools. She does not need to be prompted and does everything, from research to proofreading, entirely autonomously. Do the final tweaks yourself or with team members in our real-time collaborative editor. You can also use Heartspace’s internal AI to improve the text with pre-prompted shortcuts and custom writing agents.

    Find trending news in your industry - monitor any outlet
    Nirvana AI reads all the news for you and gets you a curated summary, written in your tonality and adapted to your brand for you to read and share every day
    Get custom versions for all of your channels
    With Nirvana AI you can generate custom versions for each of your social media channels, blogs or websites. Never run out of content-ideas and never feel the need to cross-post the same content again.
    Position your brand as a thought-leader
    Become the go-to-source in your industry for news and reflections by being the first with the lates trends and insights
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    Enterprise solutions and expert help
    Enterprise customers can get custom solutions including white-glove services where human experts handles your content-creation with NirvanaAI for you. If you are going to hire someone to write for your, make sure they are using Nirvana AI!

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