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    What is Heartspace AI?

    Heartspace AI is a PR platform powered by AI. It helps startups and companies with a mission to craft meaningful, respectful, nuanced, and constructive messages. Our platform provides tools for creating press releases, op-eds, social media content, and other resources for promoting responsible and ethical communication.

    How does Heartspace AI work?

    Heartspace AI uses the most advanced natural language processing models, such as GPT-4, to create high-quality journalistic content that fits the needs of your organization. We let you provide your own context to and fine-tune responses to be aligned with your brand. We also use advanced prompt engineering methods to tailor the content to your needs. Heartspace is designed by PR-experts and journalists in collaboration with prompt-engineering and machine-learning experts to give more qualiative texts than just going directly to the model-creators webservices. We also allow users to customize brand tonality and AI-contet on a campaign-level, making it possible to have many different campaigns with different contexts. In that way the users can experiment with how the tune the AIs responses to fit every specific campaign. Heartspace is also continously evolving by the training we do on data from our journalists and PR experts. We do not train on user data, but when our experts make edits to to the AI output we use frequent edits to improve on future outputs. You can also help us develop the AI and give us suggestions on what you need. By giving us relevant information about the results you want, we can customize your experience and even create custom designed shortcuts for you. Many of our current shortcuts in the app are suggestions from users and we love to help you get the most out of the AI and the platform.

    Is Heartspace AI easy to use?

    Yes, Heartspace AI is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our easy-to-use interface lets users put in the information they need, choose the types of content they want, and instantly get AI-generated content.

    How does Heartspace AI ensure ethical and responsible communication?

    Heartspace AI is built to promote compassionate, responsible, and constructive dialogue. We tune the AI to prioritize these values and generate content that encourages understanding, empathy, and meaningful engagement. We also vet all customers before onboarding and all content before send-out. Under our Terms of Conduct we do not allow companies in industries that hurt the planet or people on it to use our product to spread misinformation or maintain status quo in a way that stops or halts progress and transition towards a green economy and a sustainable future. We also do not allow our platform to be used to promote gambling, pornography, recreational and non-medicinal drugs or the use of fossile fuels or energy resources.

    What types of content can Heartspace AI generate?

    Heartspace AI can generate a wide variety of content, including press releases, op-eds, social media posts, blog articles, and more.

    Can I customize the AI-generated content?

    Absolutely! Heartspace AI provides a starting point for your content, which you can edit, refine, and tailor to your needs, and you can also get help from our human experts and collaborate in real time with friends and co-workers.

    Is my data secure with Heartspace AI?

    We take data security very seriously at Heartspace AI. We implement industry-standard security measures to ensure your information is protected and confidential.

    How much does Heartspace AI cost?

    Heartspace is free for everyone to try out. All new members start at a free trial with most of the functionality, after 14 days you are moved to a free account with limited functionality if you do not upgrade to a paid version of Heartspace. You can cancel your trial for a paid plan at any time and stay on the free plan if you would like.

    How do I get started with Heartspace AI?

    To get started with Heartspace AI you can initiate a 14 day risk-free trial where you can test the core-product Heartspace AI Write and see if it fits your needs.

    Can I contact Heartspace AI for support or questions?

    Yes, our team is here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

    Do you offer refunds?

    We offer both a free version and a 14-day free trial on our basic-plan, and canceling during that time does not incur any costs. After your trial has ended and your subscription starts, any cancellations will be for the next billing term. We do not offer refunds on processed payments; we do however offer cancellation at any time. You are never bound to continue with the service after the current billing period. And you can also upgrade your account at any time if you would like to have another package and get current subscription prorated.

    Do you support multiple languages?

    Yes. The AI will answer you in the language you use. It handles many languages very well and gets better all the time. We also have a translation functionality that many users like. We have users all over the world that use the tool for texts in French, Swedish, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, German, Finnish, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, Greek and other languages.

    What are the limits for the use of the AI and what happens if I reach them?

    The limits for fair use are set very high. Over 1 000 000 AI words are included each month and more if there is server capacity. We are committed to allowing our users to use the AI as much as they need and want. Simultaneously we have a control mechanism to prevent bots and malware from bringing down the service for everyone. So far, no user has reached these limits. Requests per minute are limited to what can be considered normal user activity. If an account makes tens of AI-requests in a very short period (seconds or less than a minute) that is considered unnormal bot-like behaviour and that user can be suspended in up to 15 minutes after which they can use the service freely again. This is to give us time to prevent issues caused by bots or malware on user's computers. Repeated or extreme issues can lead to longer suspensions.

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